Hello! I’m Paul.


Weeknotes cover the misadventures of a toddler and her parents.

My annual book roundups probably contain spoilers.

This all started during lockdown with 100 words in 100 days.


Shhh! It’s just an OPML file at the moment, but I’m adding to it.

Recent Posts

Weeknotes 099: Can we play with adult toys in my bedroom? 

Weeknotes 096: Spider-Man is absolutely beautiful 

Weeknotes 095: Boobies have little balls 

Weeknotes 094: Promise of Percy Pigs 

Weeknotes 093: Short-sleeved pants are called shorts 

Weeknotes 092: Can you put that in my bum 

Weeknotes 091: Mama hangnail wants to see her babies 

Weeknotes 090: I’m a dancing sausage. 

Weeknotes 089: Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an English mum 

Weeknotes 088: And now we’re three 

Weeknotes 087: Do you have a toy cake in your bedroom? 

Weeknotes 086: When Mama was teeny-tiny I gave her a bunny. 

Weeknotes 085: This isn’t the wee wee dance 

Weeknotes 084: One is a sticker and one is a tooth 

Weeknotes 083: I’m here to buy strawberries. I got me a bag of bread. 

Weeknotes 082: Mmmm. Smells like sellotape 

Weeknotes 081: Whatever The Chef Said 

Weeknotes 080: I’ll clean the cabbage in the bath. 

Weeknotes 079: Things overheard. Things said. 

Weeknotes 078: I said what I said 

Weeknotes 077: Yer I am. 

Weeknotes 076: That elf’s name is rhinovirus 

Weeknotes 075: I’m going to use the rowing spoon 

Weeknotes 074: There’s a mummy one coming 

Weeknotes 073: He’s the cooking man 

Weeknotes 072: I saw Fran on a bike. 

Weeknotes 071: I didn’t like the loud light 

Weeknotes 070: This little pelican is going to bed 

Weeknotes 069: Nice 

Weeknotes 068: There’s a pair of eyes looking out from under the stairs. 

Weeknotes 067: Love you five.