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Weeknotes 099: Can we play with adult toys in my bedroom?
Weeknotes 096: Spider-Man is absolutely beautiful
Weeknotes 095: Boobies have little balls
Weeknotes 094: Promise of Percy Pigs
Weeknotes 093: Short-sleeved pants are called shorts
Weeknotes 092: Can you put that in my bum
Weeknotes 091: Mama hangnail wants to see her babies
Weeknotes 090: I’m a dancing sausage.
Weeknotes 089: Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an English mum
Weeknotes 088: And now we’re three
Weeknotes 087: Do you have a toy cake in your bedroom?
Weeknotes 086: When Mama was teeny-tiny I gave her a bunny.
Weeknotes 085: This isn’t the wee wee dance
Weeknotes 084: One is a sticker and one is a tooth
Weeknotes 083: I’m here to buy strawberries. I got me a bag of bread.
Weeknotes 082: Mmmm. Smells like sellotape
Weeknotes 081: Whatever The Chef Said
Weeknotes 080: I’ll clean the cabbage in the bath.
Weeknotes 079: Things overheard. Things said.
Weeknotes 078: I said what I said
Weeknotes 077: Yer I am.
Weeknotes 076: That elf’s name is rhinovirus
Weeknotes 075: I’m going to use the rowing spoon
Weeknotes 074: There’s a mummy one coming
Weeknotes 073: He’s the cooking man
Weeknotes 072: I saw Fran on a bike.
Weeknotes 071: I didn’t like the loud light
Weeknotes 070: This little pelican is going to bed
Weeknotes 069: Nice
Weeknotes 068: There’s a pair of eyes looking out from under the stairs.
Weeknotes 067: Love you five.
Weeknotes 066: Don’t wee-wee on other people
Weeknotes 065: You can’t go to your bed, daddy
Weeknotes 064: Spider-silk. Spider-web. Spider-man.
Weeknotes 063: What’s your favourite word in the world? George
Yearnotes 2021
Weeknotes 062: Love you too.
Weeknotes 061: What can I put here?
Weeknotes 060: I’m all empty
Weeknotes 059: They’re some bonny lights
Weeknotes 058: What kind of tree am I? I’m a poetree
Weeknotes 057: We’re going on a venture
Weeknotes 056: Mammy’s turn tomorrow
Weeknotes 055: Uh-oh. It’s a book now.
Weeknotes 054: It must be broken, Daddy. Baby shark is broken
Weeknotes 053: This is so humiliating!
Weeknotes 052: … … I want a pat
Weeknotes 051: What makes you happy? Mama
Weeknotes 050: It tickles my bum.
Weeknotes 049: Franny-Annie
Weeknotes 048: I can’t remember how to disintegrate anymore
Weeknotes 047: Oh George, it’s long enough for a ponytail
Weeknotes 046: That’s Duggee on CBeebies.
Weeknotes 045: C’mon beautiful
Weeknotes 044: Daddy’s a silly sausage
Weeknotes 043: Nancy said BYE!
Weeknotes 042: Want big bed. Want pictures
Weeknotes 041: Nanananananananananana Batman
Weeknotes 040: I love you swing
Weeknotes 039: Alexa, play Mambo Number 5
Weeknotes 038: Again.
Weeknotes 037: And now we’re two.
Weeknotes 036: Am a comin’ in.
Weeknotes 035: More please. Want it back.
Weeknotes 034: Where’s the cookie? In my tummy.
Weeknotes 033: If it’s not an apple, it’s a tomato.
Weeknotes 032: The swifts are back
Weeknotes 031: Bye-bye! Open the gate!
Weeknotes 030: I’m a sausage!
Weeknotes 029: Time Wasting Scenarios
Weeknotes 028: What do giraffes say in your house?
Weeknotes 027: Where does all the time go?
Weeknotes 026: Eggs come from chickens
Weeknotes 025: Hello tuppence
Weeknotes 024: How do you want to do tonight?
Weeknotes 023: Whispered stories
Weeknotes 022: Ransom
Weeknotes 021: Naughty Monkey Bum Bum
Weeknotes 020: Plenty of coffee
Weeknotes 019: 新年快乐
Weeknotes 018: So many types of spoons.
Weeknotes 017: There she is
Weeknotes 016: What’s This?
Weeknotes 015: Bluffside Crossing
Weeknotes 014: Ghosts say baa-baa.
Weeknotes 013: Well that was 2020
Yearnotes 2020 pt. 2
Yearnotes 2020 pt. 1
Weeknotes 012: Dancing in a brewery
Weeknotes 011: Decaffeinated
Weeknotes 010: Month Notes
Weeknotes 009: It’s quiet. Too quiet?
Weeknotes 008: Latenotes
Weeknotes 007: Early Hallowe’en
Weeknotes 006: Secondhand mooncups
Weeknotes 005: Falling
Weeknotes 004: Too nice a notebook to sully
Weeknotes 003: That does not smell nice
Weeknotes 002: Loss
Weeknotes 001: What the blimp?