25 June 2020

100 words 050

Today’s update finds us in better spirits. But we’ve had wine, fish and chips, and two beach trips; how could it not?

Me and The Chef had a few chats about the malaise that’s permeated our lives. We’ve not cleared it, but it’s relegated to a background linger rather than a full on fug.

Our first beach trip confirmed lockdown is over. Packed with drunk students and intermingling family groups. Pavement distancing was uncomfortably optional.

Today we went to a less popular beach. It was significantly more pleasant. Room to breathe. And for Piglet to attack the sea with gusto.

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100 words 039 It’s been two days since my second jog and I’m not moving like a newborn foal. I’m tentatively going to say that I’ve improved from my first outing.
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